Healing Benefits of Honey Bush Tea

Honey bush is a flowering plant that is aptly named for the sweet scent it gives off that is similar to the smell of honey. Taste-wise, honeybush has been compared in flavor to rooibos. Honey bush can only be found in the southernmost reaches of Africa and is often cultivated and shipped for use as an herbal tea. In some areas of the world, there are people that will keep a kettle of honeybush tea brewing in their home just for the pleasant scent it gives off. This is possible because unlike other teas, honey bush doesn’t become bitter regardless of how long it simmers, making it a favorite among tea lovers everywhere.

Nutrients & Antioxidants

Honey bush tea is favored because it is naturally caffeine free, making it easier for a greater number of people to enjoy it. This particular brew is also high in many beneficial nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc. In addition to this, there are a great number of flavones in honey bush which also have antioxidant properties to them as well. These many minerals and nutrients are excellent for maintaining good health and keeping the immune system working at its best.

Honey Bush for Cold & Flu

This tea is also excellent for relieving the symptoms that people suffer when they are stricken with a cold or flu. Honey bush tea has a soothing property on a sore throat, particularly when it is mixed with a bit of lemon and honey. The caffeine free properties are excellent in offering a comforting relief from headaches and difficulties sleeping both of which can occur while sick.

Other Great Benefits

There are many other benefits to drinking honey bush tea as well. This particular tea is great for stomach and intestinal problems as well since its soothing effect helps many problems with indigestion. This makes it also good for feelings of cramps, heartburn, and nausea as well. Studies have shown that honeybush also contains some antibacterial properties since it can prevent the growth of harmful yeast and bacteria in the body. Further research has shown that honey bush is also good for the health of the liver as well. With all these great benefits there is no doubt that drinking honey bush tea is not only a tasteful drink but it’s also great for you as well. It’s no wonder then why so many tea drinkers love having this great blend ready and on their shelves since this is a tea that can be enjoyed for just about any reason.